/Car Tips: Things to Keep in Mind When Choosing Between Studded vs Non-Studded Tires

Car Tips: Things to Keep in Mind When Choosing Between Studded vs Non-Studded Tires

If you have ever driven in winter, you already know that it can be a downright scary experience if you do not have the right set of tires on your vehicle. All-season tires that most vehicles usually come with provide satisfactory performance from early spring all the way to late fall, but when the cold season kicks in they are not so great. You need to have a pair of winter tires ready if you come from a place where winters are so cold such that roads are covered with snow or ice.

When you start looking for the right winter tires to buy, you will have two major options to choose from, namely studded and non-studded tires. Both of them have their advantages and disadvantages depending on how they are used and where they are used. When choosing between these two tires, there are various things you should bear in mind. They include how much you drive in winter, the kind of roads you use in winter, what you are like as a driver and the level of your winter driving experience.

Whether you choose studded or non-studded tires, you need to keep in mind that driving in winter takes skill. So if your winter driving skills are not great, you will need to horn them if you want to have an easy time on the wintry roads. Studded tires will be the better option if the roads in the place you come from are normally covered with more ice than snow in winter. These tires are especially suitable for people who live near the coastal region where roads tend to icy in winter. However, if you come from a place where roads are snowy in winter, non-studded tires are the better choice.

Another thing to keep in mind when choosing between studded and non-studded tires is the autumn conditions in the area you come from. If you come from a place that experiences unpredictable autumn conditions, you will be better off with non-studded tires. You can mount these tires earlier in the autumn as opposed to studded tires. Once you fix the non-studded tires on your vehicle, you will not need to worry about the rapidly changing weather conditions of autumn. You can also use non-studded tires in spring when temperature changes can be quite rapid.